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White plot of the spring wedding

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the idea of wedding, and then a way to make a day seem especially without too much thought, time and energy to make the theme is just white. By selecting the white can achieve magnificent and luxurious feeling.Choose white another reason is that, you don't need to worry about all match, there may be more COINS, you finally spend honeymoon. This season the perfect reason itself to bleach! So, consider...

white plot wedding


Trend itself this year, white is the maid of honor, but you only need to make sure the length, style and material is different the bride, so that guests don't feel confused!Ensure that all dress is white, rather than a slightly yellow white, because it looks dirty next to the bride's bare white dress.

white bridesmaid dresses

white bridesmaid dressesbridesmaid dresses uk

a little girl


Keep the design simple, when it comes to realize the right to see, must be as little as possible and try to use dark blue black handwriting rather than expected.Attention to more and more luxuriant calligraphy handwriting, because it really will stand in the pure white background.Gorgeous!!

white invitations

white invitations 2


When we think they don't come more white than simple classic design, more important is you can choose from a lot of beautiful white flowers, from the rose to the baby's breathing!Yes baby breathing is huge this year, the best news is that it's cheap, give you a surprising result.

white bouquets

Sweets and Treats

Yes, it is a wedding won't be sweet wedding.Cake and food buffet all white, white and white, don't worry about boring, it will only pay more attention to the shape and size, so make sure you put it with the round of chocolate and almonds with snow.

Sweets and Treats

Sweets and Treats 2


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