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Hottest and Most Stylish Trends for Fall

<p class="STYLE1">Fall is my favorite time of the year and one of the reasons why is because of all the amazing fall fashions that come around. If you love fall fashions like I do, you want to take a look at these following fall fashion trends that will make you look sophisticated and sexy.</p><p class="STYLE1">Upgrade Your Eyewear for Fall</p><p class="STYLE1">Fall is here and that means it is time to purchase great eyewear to go with your colorful fall outfits. For the women who are crazy about the bing, give your eyewear an upgrade by purchasing eyeglasses that are studded with rhinestones or pearls. If you are into all things vintage, you should wear colored cat-eye glasses that are large in size. These glasses look nice with a 50s or 60s influenced fall outfit such as tweed jackets and trousers. Aviator eyeglasses are also in style this fall.</p><p class="STYLE1">Floral Prints and Animal Prints </p><p class="STYLE1">If you are getting tired of bland solid colored clothing for the fall, why not get bold with florals or animal prints? They are both in style this fall and most retailers offer a variety of outfits and even shoes with these prints. For example, you can wear a animal print  tunic with dark brown skinnies and black  ankle boots. Or you can wear a turquoise colored turtleneck with a floral blazer and black pants with dress shoes for work. Another idea is to wear animal print or floral print jewelry with outfits in earth tones such as dark purple, teal, maroon and gold.</p><p class="STYLE1">Get Preppy With Skirt/Sweater Set</p><p class="STYLE1">Another hot fall trend this year is the skirt/sweater set. When you wear a short or medium-length skirt with a sweater, you look preppy but add sexiness to the set by wearing some tall leather boots or cute espadrilles with the sweater and skirt. If you want a toned down look, ballerina flats or loafers are good choices with the outfit. </p><p class="STYLE1">Miss The 90s? Choose Grunge Inspired Wear</p><p class="STYLE1">If you grew up in the middle of the grunge craze in the 1990s with groups such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana, then you are in luck because this fall the grunge influence returns to fashion. You don't have to buy new flannel shirts because if you already have some in the closet, pair these shirts with beanies and distressed jeans and boots. Graphic T shirts are also good to wear with the grunge look. </p><p class="STYLE1">Oversized Coats</p><p class="STYLE1">If you are all about big fashions, you should get a few oversized coats since they are popular this fall. Don't just stick to black, blue and brown oversized coats just because they are traditional fall colors. You can wear oversized coats in colors gold, gray, maroon, bold red, teal or fuchsia. </p><p class="STYLE1">&nbsp;</p><p class="STYLE1">Kids Fashion for Fall</p><p class="STYLE1">Even your little ones can look amazing this fall. Some neat colors that are stylish for girls this fall are emerald green, berry toned colors, turquoise and metallic silver. Also look out for camouflage clothing in colors other than the traditional dark green, khaki and beige. Gender neutrality is also a trend in kids' clothing. Finally, quilted wear is going to be a staple in kids' clothing. </p><p class="STYLE1">Turtlenecks</p><p class="STYLE1">The neat thing about turtlenecks this fall is that you do not have to stick to the usual colors such as gray or black. There are turtlenecks that are available in floral prints, argyle, animal print, paisley and plaid. You can pair the turtleneck with trousers, skinnies or long skirts and over the knee boots.</p><p class="STYLE1">Conclusion</p><p class="STYLE1">Fall is the time of year when the weather improves and when numerous social activities take place. But it is also a time when everyone breaks out their best outfits and express their personalities. With these ideas for fall fashion, you can enjoy the fall season in style.</p><p class="STYLE1">Source:<strong><a href="">prom dresses uk</a></strong><strong><a href=""></a></strong><br><br></p><p class="STYLE1"></p>

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