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The history of the prom dress

Attractive, colorful, exquisite fabrics and exquisite decorated with sequins, crystals or pearls, this is today's PROM dresses can be characterized.But they don't always so, in the beginning, when the party started high school, by the United States girls wearing formal clothes and boys in black and white formal clothing.

Taffeta Strapless Belt Beading Mini Empire Cocktail Dress

short formal dresses austrlia

The girl to the PROM, this is actually a debutante ball, the parents put forward their potential suitors, must wear long or medium, so, most of the skin cover.At that time the most like, the fabric is lace.Sequins are used to add more ball gown elegance and charm.Just like today, in the 1930 s and 1930 s, when the ball became popular, the girls very individual character.

Because the ball are just some of the party early, high school students had tea and socialization, etc., group events are modest.Girls and boys are not take weeks or months to find the most suitable clothes.This led to a lot of cheap ball gowns and formal wear boy.However, no PROM queen or king.

When the concept of "PROM queen" and the "king of the dance", this paper introduces the cheap PROM dresses and men clothing mysteriously disappeared.Retailers know that they have to raise the price of clothing sale, because of its popularity, in order to obtain higher profits.At the time, just like today, choose a PROM queen girl receive instant status in society.

Taffeta Strapless Ruffles Beaded Mermaid Prom / Evening Dress

formal dresses australia

In the 1960 s and 1970 s, the girl began to look for their senior PROM dress to arrive before.Some of them to Europe, especially in Paris and milan to find the right clothes on this important occasion in their lives.Their "best" is no longer to accept;Girls want to be the most beautiful dance, the PROM queen and choose their church clothes are no longer able to provide for them.

This is when the sexual revolution happened.The influence of this movement is very fashionable.Women of all ages to wear short and mini dresses and skirts, doll style was introduced to the public and generous plunging necklines in growing Numbers are beginning to see everywhere.Then, to trousers fashion designer items, as great as the dance is dressed on formal occasions.

In 2014, the garment design for young women to attend high school PROM and party reunion function all sorts of color, very short, medium or long, adornment or is very simple, is made up of a lot of fabrics, in a wide range of shapes and designs.These days, it doesn't matter too much, wear fashionable clothes, but a suitable for you, let you move freely at the PROM, enjoy your time.-

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