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Dash for the Sash puts a lot of fun in fundraising

Mary Sue Koris went to Arlington’s post prom party for what most likely will be her final time last spring.

Actually, she has attended several, but all of those were as a chaperone while her children enjoyed the festivities.

“I will miss it. It was definitely miss it. It was a lot of fun,” she said Saturday as she prepared to help raise funds for this school year’s post prom.

Michelle Reed, left, Kris Westlake and Cheryl Chappelear pose for a photo prior to Saturday's Dash for the Sash in Arlington. The fundraiser for Arlington's post-prom party encourages participants to run or walk in prom attire.

Like several others, Koris was attired in formal wear to participate in the Arlington Post Prom’s Dash for the Sash. The 5K fun run/walk attracted 53 participants.

“This is a fabulous idea,” said Koris, who wore a 1950s bridesmaid dress. “It gets people excited about doing something fun. It puts fun in fundraiser. Post prom is just a great idea.”

Creating a fun and unique event was the idea behind Saturday’s event.

“We were trying to come up with some differ fundraisers this year,” said Debi Krause, one of the event's organizers. “Five Ks seem to be popular, so we decided to do it was a prom theme.”

Arlington Post Prom will work throughout the year to raise $6,000 to $7,000. Other activities include “fifth quarter” bingo nights during the football season.

Post prom is an important part of the school year, Krause said.

“I think when you have a small town and you can provide an alternate activity for the kids on a big school night like that, I think it’s really important,” she said.

That’s a sentiment that was echoed by several of the participants, including Emily Koris, a 2012 Arlington graduate.

“I think it’s really important,” she said. “It gives them somewhere to go after prom and the less they have to pay the more likely they are to go.”

Like her mother, Emily pulled out cheap formal dresses for the dash. She used a $4 Goodwill dress that she purchased for a “thrift-store prom” her college held last year.

For Kay Cook, participating was a way to help her granddaughters, Mallory Cook and Erica Pierce, who are both plan to attend prom this year.

“It’s a good time for the kids and I think it’s very important for their last hurrah, especially for the seniors to be together,” said Cook, who donned a homemade “Class of 1967” sash for the event. “It makes it known that there’s a lot of fun to be had that’s good, clean fun.”

Although the whole event is designed to be interesting, have award winners.Ryan Mellema is overall and the winner of the men, Jenny Lamme is the winner of the women.Each received a belt.

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