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The Latest Bridal Trend: Buying Your Gown Online

(NEW YORK) -- For traditional brides, "carrying something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" has long been a way of inviting good fortune and prosperity into a marriage. But what if the borrowed something is the big white beach wedding dresses?

A host of new retail outlets are offering all of the glitz and glamour of a fairy tale wedding gown experience, but with a return-by date akin to Cinderella's famous midnight curfew.

Ladies and gentleman, you may now rent the wedding dresses.


The Latest Bridal Trend: Renting Your Gown


"When we recently launched Little White Dress rentals for brides, we received orders for events the next day," said Kelsey Doorey, whose new e-retail site Vow to Be Chic, launched with rentals for bridesmaids and then quickly expanded its offerings. "It's clear that women are looking for ways to make the experience more affordable and convenient without sacrificing style or dress quality."


Popular designers featured on the Vow to be Chic site include Jenny Yoo, Nicole Miller, Jill Jill Stuart, Tadashi Shoji, Watters, Theia, Joanna August, LulaKate, Alvina Valenta, Jim Hjelm and Swoon.

And it's not alone in its business model.

With an increasing number of women shifting away from preserving gowns for family heirlooms, many of today's brides are more interested in saving some money on the way from the boutique to the chapel.


Longstanding designer rental website Rent the Runway, which offers 4- and 8-day rentals of upscale gowns by designers ranging from Badgley Mischka to Monique Lhiullier, recently debuted a bridal category after its brick-and-mortar store in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas saw a steady stream of women shopping for their wedding day.


"I think some women value the experience over the ownership of their gown," said a representative for Rent the Runway. "If they already use Spotify or Uber, services where you’re not necessarily owning something versus experiencing it, they will also feel comfortable with renting vintage wedding dresses."

Plus, the savings of renting are not insignificant.

A sleek, long-sleeved, cocktail-length lace wedding dresses by Dsquared that would normally retail for approximately $830 can be rented for $125 on Rent the Runway. And at Washington, D.C.-based bridal rental atelier Borrowing Magnolia, a Jenny Packham "Aspen Gown" featuring a draping silhouette, meticulous bead work and an illusion lace back that would typically sell for $5,000 before alterations, can be rented for $1,250.

Those discounts leave lots of funds still in the wedding budget for food, music or other desirable decor elements. And if your groom isn't planning to keep his morning jacket, proponents say there's no reason why his betrothed can't follow suit with her tulle.

"Guys have been renting tuxes forever," Doorey told ABC News. "It finally dawned on me: Why can't women enjoy the same concept?"


Characteristics of a High-quality Bridal Dress

Wedding dress is the most unique clothes, you will. Do you want to make sure you get a high quality, but sometimes it's hard to know.There are a few things, you will search, in order to get a good quality wedding dress.

The first thing to consider is the price.It is a simple fact, make the cost of the wedding dress will be higher than those together.However, if you sell your clothes samples, where is the price down? Once you know what to look for, you can tell, if the dress is a good value, or cheap.

elegant wedding dress 1

Love the bridal dress hit here

The best wedding dress is made of natural materials, mainly silk.Careful skirt is made of silk the word description, but not sure, they are made of silk.Designers tend to use "Italian silk" silk blended synthetic fabric sound even more luxurious than real.When in doubt, look for the label inside the dress, lists the content.Silk, the more the better.

When you are there, stop and peek in the country of origin.Although a lot of nice wedding dress is from overseas (especially those serious embroidery), it is better, when you are able to find a dress made in the us, usually in New York City.These dresses are almost always to order for each bride, not for mass production.This will ensure you a good health, and more elaborate dress.

Another sign of high quality wedding dress is how to complete the internal.Finished sewing, or they look bunchy and rough?Many first-rate clothing will be more carefully constructed than cheaper version.It is very necessary, if you choose a strapless dress, because it means that the dress will be necessary to bone, even built in bra, will help to stay up late.Poorly made a strapless dress can lead to wedding disaster!

On a well made gown, all of the outside seams will also be nicely finished. You should not see any puckering along the bust or side seams. If there is embroidery or beadwork, it should be well aligned over the side seams. Best of all, it should be on a ribbon stitched onto the dress, or stop before the side seams so that the dress can be properly altered.

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When you find a wedding dress is kind of, you will want to finish it also beautiful act the role ofing is tasted.Looking for quality like handmade wedding jewelry.Just like your dress, it is great to know a real person take the time to carefully to create wedding jewelry handmade just for you.When selecting a veil and make sure that any cuts lie flat, this is neatly combed.These small details will be equivalent to a perfect bride.

When you put on your bridal gown on your special day, it will make you feel like a million dollars (although hopefully you didn't have to spend that much on it!). A gown that is a fine quality will go a long way towards helping you achieve that feeling. After all, when you're conscious of that your gown looks great, you will feel much more beautiful.


Enjoy the summer fashion short wedding dress

Integrity, the hot sun hot summer a couple choose handsome fashion short wedding dress, will give to the guests a cool and refreshing, in recent years an agitation skirt wedding dress industry.Is different from the conventional long gowns, short wedding dresses are not only light and lovely, but are full of pretty and pure and fresh breath.

Lace backless dress


Design inspiration of short wedding dress, as developed by five, the small formal attire of the 60 s, after entered into the design of fashionable feeling, overturns the traditional wedding dress.Some brides may think short wedding dress is not a formal, or lack of long dress of cultivate one's morality effect, Dan recent wedding dress works not only specially designed for these considerations make thoughtful exquisite, and the style is more and more diversified.